Student Wellbeing

At Brentwood, we take the wellbeing of every student very seriously.  The college offers an extra level of student support through an extensive Wellbeing Team, providing holistic care from counselling and advice, through to academic and organisational support.

Brentwood Wellbeing has an open door policy, encouraging students to seek support at any time.  Students are also welcome to make appointments with a member of the team.

Brentwood’s Wellbeing team consists of:

There are also consulting psychologists (both Department of Education and Early Childhood Development and private practitioners), and counselling team members.

Brentwood Wellbeing has adopted a positive youth development approach, which involves students experiencing support, as well as empowerment.  This helps to form positive boundaries and expectations of themselves and others, and use their time constructively.  This approach helps students become resilient by knowing that there will always be people in their community who will support them, develop their personal strengths and skills and encourage them to care for others.

Programs and workshops are key components of Wellbeing at Brentwood.  The Wellbeing Team oversees personal development programs and workshops, as well as specific programs such as the Cyber Champions online safety mentor program.

Brentwood Wellbeing has close relationships with many local support organisations in the City of Monash and the City of Knox including: family and youth services (including parental support), medical practitioners, psychologists and other mental health providers.

For more information about Brentwood Wellbeing, or to make a referral, please contact Brian Clements on 8545 0370.