iPad Program

iPadAt Brentwood Secondary College our iPad program is an exciting and innovative enhancement to our teaching and learning. This program has offered our students improved access to learning technologies and online learning.

We believe the iPad engages students actively and creatively in their learning through the plethora of quality educational apps that enhance student learning outcomes. The iPad is used in classrooms as a companion device in conjunction with our existing computer technology. They do not replace computers but rather increase student technological opportunities.

Teachers at Brentwood Secondary College design learning experiences and outcomes utilising a diverse range of learning strategies with the objective of developing powerful learners. Consequently, a student will not be using their iPad or a computer in their learning all the time. However, your child will have immediate access to these devices when required, both within the college and at home.

It is the expectation that students will be responsible digital citizens when participating in the iPad Program, using the College ICT, and their home or other mobile devices. Students will be supported in developing their digital citizenship through understanding the ethical, cultural, and societal issues related to Information and Communication Technologies. Students will use ICT responsibly, and develop positive attitudes towards ICT that foster lifelong learning, personal growth, collaboration, and productivity.

Digital citizenship is being able to think critically and make ethical choices about the content and impact on oneself, others, and one's community of what one sees, says and produces with media, devices and technologies in online environments.


A copy of our information booklet and apps for 2017 can be found below: