Curriculum Handbooks

The Brentwood Secondary College curriculum offers students the knowledge and skills required for lifelong learning, social development, and active and informed citizenship. The curriculum for Year 7 to Year 10 in Victoria is known as AusVELS. This represents the integration of the new Australian Curriculum subjects into the Victorian Essential Learning Standards (VELS)... (Read More)


We strongly recommend the use of the college's official book supplier (Link Educational Supplies) to guarantee that you are purchasing the prescribed curriculum text books for the current academic period. When purchasing text books other than from our supplier, please take into consideration that many books have similar titles and/or may not be the prescribed edition as detailed... (Read More)

iPad Program

More information coming soon... (Read More)

Student Learning

Brentwood Secondary College is a vibrant learning community where all students are supported and encouraged to achieve success and to pursue excellence. All students at Brentwood Secondary College are encouraged to set learning goals, to be reflective and to do their personal best. The school day is divided into six, forty-eight minute periods. The year 7-10 curriculum is centred... (Read More)

Student Pathways

Effective careers and transition programs are a vital component of school strategies to improve student engagement and increase school completion. We provide our students with career development programs that equip them with the knowledge and skills needed to become self-reliant career managers and have every opportunity to succeed. The Pathways Team includes a Careers Counsellor who... (Read More)

Student Wellbeing

At Brentwood, we take the wellbeing of every student very seriously. The college offers an extra level of student support through an extensive Wellbeing Team, providing holistic care from counselling and advice, through to academic and organisational support. Brentwood Wellbeing has an open door policy, encouraging students to seek support at any time. Students are also welcome... (Read More)