The Brentwood Green Team is a student leadership team who are focused on helping the school become sustainable, as well as educating fellow students about the environment and how to live a sustainable life. The team consists of students ranging through all year levels, and is organised by a supervising teacher. The team accepts anyone who is environmentally conscious and would like to help in achieving our goals. One of the main goals of the Green team is to create sustainability awareness amongst the Brentwood community by involving it in the Resource Smart schools program.

To look at the work we have done and are currently undertaking please visit our website by clicking on the link below:

Green Team Website

Schools Water Efficiency Program

Brentwood Secondary College is now a part of the Schools Water Efficiency Program. The program monitors electricity and water storage in the school. This data is used to assess areas that could be improved to reduce wastage, such as old pipes and switching off appliances.

The College will be using this data to develop future strategies to make the school more sustainable.