Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award Camp

Gippsland - Mitchell River National Park


The Duke of Edinburgh Award camp takes place in May (Semester one enrolment) and September (Semester two enrolment) and is 4 days in duration.

The Duke of Edinbugh Award camp is one of the primary requirements for completing the Bronze Award for the Duke of Edinburgh. Duke of Ed is integrated into the Year 9 curriculum, offered as an elective subject on a semester basis.

Students are divided into small groups of 11 or 12. Each small group will walk and camp together and are accompanied by a Halls Outdoor Education instructor and a Brentwood teacher. Students will be provided with training prior to the camp as well as on the job training. This includes instruction on food and gear preparation, safe cooking, hygiene, tent construction, orienteering and fitness. This 4 day camp primarily consists of: organising backpacks, hiking throughout the day, team orienteering, setting up camp, preparing meals, and packing up camp.


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