Student Leadership

At Brentwood Secondary College all students have the opportunity to engage in activities that develop and nurture their leadership skills. Student Representative Council (SRC) The Student Representative Council (SRC) is an important forum for students to share in the decision making of the College. There are representatives from each year level as members of the SRC... (Read More)

Performing Arts

Brentwood has a vibrant program that encourages students to be their best and extend themselves in a safe and challenging environment. Artistic and cultural life features prominently in the activities of many Brentwood students. Students gain satisfaction and self-esteem from their participation in college based performances. School plays, musicals, and musical performances are... (Read More)

Instrumental Music

The Brentwood Secondary College Music Program is an exciting and energetic area of the college that provides students with a range of learning opportunities in many different areas of music. We offer a comprehensive Classroom Music Program as well as a growing Instrumental Music Program. These two programs work in synergy to develop well-rounded young musicians... (Read More)


Brentwood Secondary College has an outstanding sports program that promotes participation and individual improvement for all age groups and skill levels. With outstanding facilities and passionate coaches, our students are given the opportunity to achieve their personal best throughout their time at Brentwood. Monash Division Sports offered to students Term 1... (Read More)


Brentwood has developed a vibrant culture of debating and public speaking over the last few years. We have had many successes in the junior and senior Debating Association of Victoria (DAV) competitions, and in 2013, a Year 9 student went to the state final for the Legacy Junior Public Speaking competition. We offer support and guidance to all students who wish to get involved in debating and... (Read More)

School Camps

Brentwood runs a vibrant camp program, which exposes students to a variety of experiences throughout Australia. These programs are available at each year level at Brentwood and are an integral part of the students’ school experience. We believe that camps are a vital part of the broader school experience. Some of the benefits of camp include: developing healthy and positive peer... (Read More)

International Tours

Students who study Languages have the opportunity to experience a taste of other cultures with visits to our sister schools in Germany and Japan. Our World Challenge program offers students an insight into the challenges of developing countries and our Humanities department offer an historical tour of Europe’s great cities and battlefields... (Read More)